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My space (literally – not the site)


See Layla in my chair? She thinks she has to sit with me while I write. Sorta crowded that way!

This is my space – where I write, where I edit. I’m so thankful to have a desk and laser printer. I didn’t have either at first and spent many days writing on a laptop and printing on a slow ink-jet printer. It’s also my laundry room! (Notice the ironing board in the background.) What is strange is that I no longer hear the washing machine or dryer while I’m working. If anything, it muffles out the sounds around me so I can concentrate better. It’s soothing in some sort of weird, only I get it, way. If I ever have an office, I think I will have to have a noise machine. Wonder if they make one with a dryer sound, except with no annoying buzzer?!