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Allergies, Bites and Pools


Itchy eyes, itchy feet, and I can’t sleep for scratching!  Between allergies and bug bites, I am living, walking proof that the weather has changed.  Usually by the end of May, my ‘seasonal’ allergies are settling down.  I haven’t hit that milestone yet.  Here’s hoping the trees are almost finished blooming!

And even though I believed we had a cold, long winter, the myriad of insects that have been feasting on my feet and legs don’t agree.  They are thriving.  I don’t like bug spray but it’s either them or me.  Today, I choose me!

Along with the warm temperatures, comes the water.  Beautiful, glistening, cold…and maybe not for me.  I adore watching the sparkling waves on the river or the cool blue of a pool but there’s no doubt I’m a land-lubber.  Watching six children swim yesterday, I could almost remember a time when swimming was exciting and I yearned to go.  Now, it’s more of a nuisance entering the water.  Is it too cold?  What about my hair?  My bathing suit will stick to my body once it’s wet.  Yuck.

To say the least, I’m adjusting – settling into a new routine at home, re-acclimating my body to the warmth and to nature.  I’m afraid it’ll take a little getting used to.  But even as I think that, I smile.  Acclimation is good, change is wonderful at times, and being gnawed on by bugs is a simple reminder that we all have a place on this earth – even if it is part of the food chain.

Beautiful - but do you think there are any mosquitoes?

Beautiful – but do you think there are any mosquitoes?



“Long experience has taught me that people who do not like geraniums have something morally unsound about them. Sooner or later you will find them out; you will discover that they drink, or steal books, or speak sharply to cats. Never trust a man or a woman who is not passionately devoted to geraniums.”

― Beverly Nichols

Geraniums were a staple of my youth…well, at least a staple of my youth at my grandmother’s house.  Every spring, her concrete pots would suddenly sprout a set of matching red geraniums.  They became a symbol of my grandmother…along with her fruit-filled jello salad, scrumptious vegetables she grew in her own enormous garden, and her sparkling blue eyes.  Grandmother was smart, sometimes sharp-tongued, but always nothing more, nothing less than my loving grandmother.  She passed her love of geraniums on to me, and never has there been a summer season without their blossoms gracing my yard.

Red calls to me every spring - crisp red blooms against velvety green

Red calls to me every spring – crisp, red blooms against velvety green

Imagine the sputtering of my heart the first time I saw the porch of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  Brilliant red geraniums lined the front porch, which stretches as far as the eye can see.  Geraniums echoed throughout the building, on the carpet, scattered among guest rooms.  To say the least, I was downright giddy being surrounded by the beauties.


Grand Hotel – Mackinac Island, Michigan

I fell in love with Mackinac Island the first time I saw it.  The quaint streets of town, the shuffling of horses, the never-ending smell of horse poo and fudge, the bicycles, and the beautiful homes.  But Mackinac is so much more…it’s the subtle breeze, the quiet in the forest.  It’s the beauty of nature that whispers through the flowers and the limbs of trees.  The flowers are there for only a short time and they tend to show off their beauty like waving flags.  Geraniums are there among them, scattered across the island.

Maybe it’s their heartiness – a quality we all strive for, or maybe it’s their unique fragrance – different from so many others, which echoes my very being.  Whatever the reason, I adore them.

Geraniums have arrived on my back porch.  I will smile each time I see them, thinking of my grandmother, thinking of Mackinac.  Isn’t it amazing the power of a single flower and the memories they can evoke?