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I Beg Your Pardon…


I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden…”

This song keeps slipping through my mind…the few verses that I know.  It’s the Lynn Anderson version – the one from the seventies, the one from my childhood.  “I beg your pardon,” this voice says to me.  I never promised you a life full of roses…or a life of ease…or a life with no pain.  I never promised you that life would be simple in any way.

It’s been my anthem the last few weeks.  Work is kicking my butt, and when I start to pout about it, this voice whispers in my ear.  She says in her best southern drawl, “Hush now, honey.  It’s just a thing.”

It’s all just a thing.  Things happen nearly every single day.  Meetings happen, stress happens, a six-year-old pooping in their pants happens (we made it four weeks before the first accident at school – hopefully that’s our quota for the semester).  My issue is dealing with the effects of it all.

“Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometimes…,” she whispers again.  Life is going to get wet and messy and slippery.  So what do I do?  How do I handle it without it handling me?  Because most days I feel like I’ve been man-handled enough to go to bed with a couple of black eyes.

She sings, “When you take, you gotta give, so live and let live.  Or let go…”  And so I let it go.  I breathe.  I pray.  I focus on things getting better.  It’s extremely hard, but really, what choice do any of us have?  We move forward or we wither away.  I’m not quite ready for the withering yet.

I have to believe there’s a reason for all we struggle through.  Whether it be work, family, or the countless things beyond our control, these hardships are here to help us grow.  Maybe we only grow if we’re stretched a bit.  Maybe we’re pulled and prodded and reshaped to make us better.




One of my students was in Guidance, and during the class, they discussed feelings. The teacher said all of the other children were calling out feelings like sad, happy, etc., then one little fellow hollered out “Upsetify” as his feeling.  He made up a new word, and I kinda like it. 

Please don’t upsetify me.  It upsetifies me for you to not laugh at my jokes.  Let’s not upsetify our daily routine and my life.

Fun new word. 

What is sad, however, is that this young boy lives an upsetified life.  He’s been abandoned before, been sexually abused, takes medication every day, and is currently living with dad, mother, and stepmother – all in one house.   No wonder he feels upsetified.  Bless him.

There are so many things in life that can upsetify us – work, children, losing loved ones.  I believe it’s how we handle all of those things that show our true colors.  Some of us douce the pain with alcohol, some of us hide from other people and become bitter and rigid, while some of us rise above the pain of life and keep moving forward.  I strive to be the person who rises above, the person who doesn’t become bitter and weighed down by the unexpected.  And yes, it’s an every day journey, a journey to strive to be the person you want to be, while at the same time letting go of what you know is no longer healthy.

A friend of my son posted this on Facebook a while back:  “When life gives you dilemmas, make dilemmanaide.”