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Library Lady


What do you do when you find yourself in love with your job? A space, just a long rectangular room. The smells, the paper of books and the mist of little humans. But in that space, with the comings and goings of over 450 little people, I have found a tug around my heart. I feel like I’ve found my place, my home.

During the first few weeks, when I was very overwhelmed with the unknown of a new job and new schedules, I wondered secretly if I had fallen into a job I couldn’t do. Steadily, and then with a few leaps, things settled, and I found myself really liking my work…even loving it a little. And even though college homework is consuming my free time and making me feel really old and a little behind the times, I still can’t help but feel giddy when I’m there.

Some things I’ve learned over the last six weeks:

It’s really hard to memorize 450 names…really, really hard.

Seeing every child in the building during a week’s time is interesting. I now have 450 new buddies who like to hug and speak often. Maybe from across the lunchroom or from down the hall. And if I can’t remember their name…eek…I just try to fake it.

In a pinch, and if they can’t remember my name, being called Library Lady or Library Teacher works just fine. And I surprisingly answer to it.

My favorite part of the new job is (unsurprisingly) reading aloud to the students. Least favorite part, the accounting. I’ve never been a money person but I’m quickly learning. Nothing like your first Book Fair to speed up the process!

New librarians should be equipped with super-human powers for their first Book Fair. I have none and on day 4 of this year’s Book Fair, I realized the people around me were my strength, shields and swords. When the library was swarming with children who can’t count money and don’t understand that two dollars can’t buy a five dollar book, my heroes swooped in and began helping without being asked. And they came back day after day even though it was a wee bit stressful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I work with the best.


The Book Fair invaded my library. It was awesome, tiring, fun and intimidating at first. Bless them…kids don’t get tax and that $2.50 in your hand won’t buy a $2.50 item. Luckily there were angels around who helped a lot of the children find that extra tax money.

During the Book Fair, I had trivia for the students and teachers. So fun, and I got the best answers! 


Trivia question: Who ate through an apple on Monday? You’ve got to use a little imagination but this kid was spot on.




Trivia question: Who sat on the wall and had a great fall? I love this entry from a Kindergartner.


Same question but answered by an older student. Sound it out! This kiddo got the answer correct too.

Best moment of the whole Book Fair. During one of the most harried moments…I mean we were so-o-o busy…this little voice yells out into the room, “Library Lady!” My head jerks up and away from the cash register. “You got a bathroom in here?”

I’m telling you, every adult in the room stopped in their tracks. It barely phased the other children. To say the least, I stopped what I was doing immediately and assigned an older child that I recognized to escort her to the bathroom just down the hall. (I did this automatically, without thinking really, because when a Kindergartner says they have to go to the bathroom, you better listen.) Her mother, wide-eyed and mouth falling open, ran out the door after them.




Do you remember The Purpose Driven Life book? Many, many years ago, I belonged to a study group that gathered to discuss it. Our group consisted of multi-aged men and women. One night, a seventy-year-old man said that he was still looking for his purpose in life. Not that he hadn’t felt he’d already fulfilled other purposes along the way, but at his age, he wanted to know what God needed from him now. I was floored because in my young mind I sort of believed that he’d done it all and it was ‘happy retirement’ time. I’ve never forgotten him or his statement.

Ever since then, I’ve been more aware of my place in this world. God didn’t give me a handwritten note during the study directing me towards what I was supposed to do with my life, but that class began the process of letting Him lead me where I’m supposed to go.

Over the years, I’ve balked. I’ve cried when I was tired and lost. I’ve begged, repeatedly, for him to send a thunderbolt down with explicit instructions. I’ve yearned for dreams that always seemed just a smidgen out of reach.

And honestly, at 47, I’d almost given up on one of my dreams. For years, I’d dreamed of going back to school and picking up my library certification, but you know…life’s busy, I’ve got two kids in college, I’m too old to go back to school…the excuses were boundless.

But still I prayed and I asked God to put me where He wanted me, to use me where He saw fit. And with great surprise on my part, He stuck His finger in the waters surrounding my life. The ripples started, ripples that not only affected my life but many other people around me. And doors opened, others closed, and here I am.

I’m 47, a college student again (21 years after I got my Master’s degree), a new librarian, and guys, I’m so excited! I haven’t felt this sort of giddy-can’t-wait feeling in a long time.

(We’ll touch base in a month when I’m in way over my head with work and two college classes. I may be begging for mercy! Ha!)

I sure am thankful for God’s hand in my life, and He reminds me often that His time-table does not match my schedule. And even though I usually love calm waters, I’m so thankful for the ripples in my little pond.


I’ve been busy in the library letting my creative juices flow. Bill and Hunter helped me make this. I’m kind of in love with it!


I’ve painted clouds and added some window decorations. Notice to short people – you will get a crick in your neck if you reach up for way too long.


This isn’t quite finished but it’s close. Hunter and Kristie saved me on this project. I’m sort of in love with this, too. I’m sort of in love with the whole room!