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Love Stories and Fairy Tales


I have a complete and utter fascination with love stories and fairy tales.  There’s no sense denying it.  I adore them.  My family tolerates my favorite T.V. show for one hour a week – Once Upon a Time.  The fairy tale characters, the ornate costumes, the wooded setting – I love it. 

I’ve often wondered why I don’t or can’t write anything other than love stories.  The female characters I write are usually going through an intense period in their lives, and yes, they meet a male character at some point in the story.  This doesn’t mean the male character saves the woman from her troubles – far from it.  Usually he adds to the disarray!  It’s what they can do together that fascinates me.  The power of love, the bond that forms when you find a person that makes you stronger.  It’s the sacrifice, too – that complete commitment and the utter surrender of your own wants.  That part of the human spirit is amazing.

Katie is one of my favorite characters.  She’s scholarly brilliant but romantically dumb.  She craves love but has no clue what to do with it.  Here’s a snippet of her story:

     “That’s my favorite kind of book.  I want the happy ending…every time,” Katie shyly admitted.


     Feeling uncomfortable with the question,the prying into her soul, she fidgeted, glanced toward the tarp and then back again.  “I don’t know.”

     “Maybe it was because you never had the happy ending growing up.”

     “But I did!  I got it when momma and daddy got back together.” 

     “You were eighteen by then, Katie.  Your wiring had already been set and programmed.  After living without it for so long, you can’t help but crave it.”

     “Brandon…that’s just…”  Turning away, she caught a glimpse of the picture of Brandon and his father.  A tender boy, a doting father – they’d missed out on their happy ending, too.  Swallowing her own tumble of emotions, she finished, “That’s just too damn close to the truth.”