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Happy Easter


The calendar says March 25.  Most everyone agrees so that is what I have to go with (even though March has been a blur).  Three weeks ago yesterday, I was diagnosed with the flu. Two days after that, I ended up in the hospital, a nurse telling me I was septic.  Countless fluids, two antibiotics, one unmentionable ailment that attacks women who take antibiotics, and I’m still coughing, still short of breath at times, and a little irritated that I don’t feel completely back to myself.  Still, each day finds me feeling better…and I’ll take it with a smile!

The second night, lying in that hospital bed, I finally got how people die from the flu. I’ve always been a major eye-roller at the severity of the illness. Take the Tamiflu, get lots of rest and fluids, and voila – all better!  Nope. Not even close.  I’m now a walking, talking PSA for getting your annual flu shot.  I’ll never miss one again.

While I was down and out, spring rushed in.  More like blasted in.  In my tiny corner of the world, spring has sprung. Buttercups continue to blossom, forsythia bushes burst to life and have already begun to fade until next year.  Tiny leaves have already begun to sprout on the trees, and the battle with weeds has started.

But with spring comes such hope…such promise.  Spring reminds us all that everything old will become new again, that the cycle of life continues whether we’re active participants or not.  Spring reminds me that this world is not all there is. This place is truly just my temporary home.  Something warmer, steadier and even more beautiful than a spring morning in Tennessee awaits.  Even though I cherish my life now, when I hear the news on the T.V. or miss loved ones so badly it clogs my throat, I stop and remember…this is just temporary.  One day…one day soon there will be no more terrorists, no more pain, no more aging, no more disease…not where I’m going to live.

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to everyone.  I hope with each flower you see, each bud you encounter, with each bird you hear singing, you find your hope and are filled with peace only the true meaning of Easter can bring.


My son took this picture and sent it to me.  He told me I could use it for my blog.  So sweet that he even thought about my blog…he’s truly one of my blessings…along with his sister and daddy and my wonderful family.  They make this temporary home a blessing each and every day.


Many Easters ago.  I love it…they probably won’t!  How I miss little white Easter dresses and a snaggletooth smile!


Easter 2014


What a weekend…what a blessing.  This weekend has been busy but so very good.  It was a weekend full of family, Wicked (the play and it was awesome), and Easter.  There has been more food than any one person should ever eat (and I’m already feeling guilty for stuffing myself), a daughter home from college, and my sister’s birthday.

I was blessed with a baby sister when I was two-and-a-half.  Even though we look like polar opposites, we’re really two peas in a pod.  We favor in ways only blood relations can favor – moods, quirks, mannerisms.  We are so much alike even though we look like night and day.  We celebrated my sister’s birthday today, and during the celebrations, I couldn’t help but think of the life we’ve shared.  Life wasn’t always easy for us growing up, and it has had its share of ups and downs as adults, but still….no matter what, absolutely no matter how bad or good things are or have been, we’ve always had each other.

Thing 1 and Thing 2.  We're actually the same height, too.  I think I had on heels that night.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. We’re actually the same height, too. I think I had on heels that night.

I am thankful for many things on this beautiful Easter Sunday, and my sister is one of them.  I’m so very thankful for all my family.  They make each day of life easier, more colorful, cherished, and filled.  I am blessed indeed.

The family...

The family…Easter 2014.