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My latest character is Maggie.  Maggie is complex – her story is complex.  Instead of traveling forward in time, Maggie has traveled backwards, possibly to a previous life.  I’m still hashing that out.  She has no memories of her previous life, no memories of the life she is currently living.  Everything is new and strange and complex (there’s that word again).   Maggie knows two things – she doesn’t fit in and she’s lonely. 

Writing about time travel is tricky!  Only ‘I’ know she traveled…Maggie doesn’t, her husband doesn’t, her children don’t.  They all believe she lost her memory in a terrible accident.  What I’m finding difficult is keeping the connection between what was and what is.  Very tricky indeed.

Questions about time travel and 1888:  Did women ever wear pants? The internet says no, but I keep picturing a western cow-girl in my head with a split skirt…hmmm…could I get away with that with Maggie? And too, what about underwear? The panty type. All I keep finding are pictures of slips and corsets…did women wear panties or just pantalettes? Do any of you know where to find good, reliable information on the late 1800’s?

A paragraph from Maggie’s prologue:

“Desperately wanting to escape the torture and the worries of her children, she closed her eyes and prayed.  A prayer for the ones she was leaving behind, and a prayer for a hasty exit into the next world.  She knew she was dying…if the pain from her injuries didn’t kill her soon, the gas she smelled would.  Behind the black of her eyelids, she succumbed to the weight of unconsciousness.  Letting it take her away, she floated into darkness.  There, in the dark, she let of go of her pain, her worries of  life and the way it had once been.  Already she knew she’d never be there again.”