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No Time for Tears


Oh…my…goodness…just fed my daughter and the rest of the family.  What is it about college students and their craving of home cooked food?  If she’s home, she’s hungry.  And if she’s hungry, I’m-a cooking!

College…it’s not nearly as scary as I had thought it would be.  An actual blessing, if truth be known.  My beautiful girl is blossoming, growing, finding her focus.   It’s truly amazing, truly wonderful.  And nothing, not anything could make me happier than knowing that my children are finding their way.

I thought college would be a time of tears.  Far from it.  It’s been a time of thankfulness, of joy, of pride.  If there are any tears at all, they are happy, thank you Jesus, tears.  There’s no time for tears in our house…we are finding smiles instead.