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Time For A Change


Change is hard…especially for people like me. People who like patterns and lists, people who believe in schedules and the comfort of sameness. I rarely move around the furniture in my house. I find a brand of make-up I like and stick with it for years. Changing cars or hairdressers or considering joining a new group at church can bring on an incredible, almost silly amount of discomfort.

Often reluctance to change equals doing nothing new. I recently read, “Doing nothing is an option.” You can choose to do absolutely nothing…that is a viable choice in life. Keep the status quo and rock on. Many times it’s a good alternative.

For me, I found that doing nothing was no longer an option. I’ve felt it coming for years, this need to mix up my career. After lots of prayers and a deep whisper in my heart that begged for something new, I knew it was time. So this spring, I began looking in earnest for a new position. With the backing and steady prodding of my friends and family, I sent letters of declaration, delivered applications, and even interviewed for the first time since I was 22 years old!  (Talk about leaving my comfort zone.)

Last week, and with great excitement, I was offered and accepted an interventionist position at my current school! For the first time in 22 (working) years, I will not have a homeroom. I know the work load will be different and heavy, but I am thrilled for the opportunity. With more excitement than fear, with more joy than nerves, I am ready for this. I know the time is right…it’s time to embrace a change.




Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Doesn’t change suck?  Or does it?  I used to hate it…literally hate it.  My parents divorced when I was young, we moved a lot, and I developed a hatred for change early.  I hoarded that hatred through each move, each meeting of new friends, each tiny speck of different.

And then life decided that I needed a change whether I was a willing participant or not.  It literally picked me up by my feet and shook until all that was left were the roots of me, of who I am.  Not much was spared but what was left behind became even more precious. 

Something amazing happened in the process…I lost my fear of change.  I don’t necessarily crave it but I’m no longer afraid of an unknown future.  There’s still a yearn to control things around me but even that urge has lessened.  I am not in control.  Period.  And I’m okay with that.

It’s strange to crave change these days.  I have dreams…dreams of traveling more, of living in different places.  Writing, exploring, smelling different smells, stretching to see what’s just beyond my reach – things I yearn to do that would entail change.  It’s exciting to dream, to wonder, to imagine.  It’s exciting to not be worried about the unknown.  Yes, change happens, but life has taught me well that it doesn’t mean it’s the end…perhaps it’s only the beginning.