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I See Yellow!


A little yellow cup, a little yellow frill, a little yellow star, and that’s a daffodil.

 Surrounded by the brown, bleak world of winter, the very first smidgen of color finally graced our farm.  A bright, sunny yellow surrounded by a few shoots of green.  Tiny in comparison to the fields of gray, but size doesn’t matter.  A little yellow cup …a little yellow buttercup.  And I’m so thankful they’re here.


How did these get here? I wonder who planted them? I wish I knew!

I always teach the poem above to my students, but I have never called these bright flowers daffodils.  They have always been buttercups to me.  Maybe it’s a southern thing.  I’m blessed to live on an old farm that has a lot of these beauties.  The smaller, wild variety line my driveway, and the yard is full of a mixture of hand-planted bulbs.  There are White Lions and Butter and Eggs, Twin Sisters and Birthday Girls.  They are all gorgeous and such a joyful surprise each spring.  Don’t you love their nicknames?

After a long, cold winter, I sure am glad to see their shining faces!


A little warmth for your day:  A sweet girl came up to me with the United States map.  She said, “Mrs. Rackley…show me where Afree-gani-a-stan is on here.  My friend’s daddy is there.”  I told her we needed a globe for that one.  Only six-year olds can sound so cute saying Afghanistan.

And this was a paper turned in by a student today.  They had spelling sentences for homework last night.  Check out number 3.

This is homework from one of my sweetest students.  He/she may have had a little help with a few of these.

He/she may have had a little help with a few of these.

As winter squeezes us with its last fierce hugs, I hope you all find color and warmth in the world around you.  Hang on tightly, spring is on its way!

Spring is Coming


“Spring is coming, spring is coming. How do you think I know?  I saw a pretty daffodil.  I know it must be so…”


Spring is trying to arrive in southern Tennessee.  The first visions of daffodils (buttercups is my preferred name for them), brilliant blue skies, and the fluttering of robin’s wings are easing into our landscape.  Winter has held on tight this year, but even as it grips with freezing nights, stubborn signs of spring keep sprouting around us.


Forsythia Bush

Red-breasted robins fluttered in the front yard this sunny afternoon.  Folklore states that if you…

Make a wish
on the first robin you see in spring, it will come true – if you can finish
making the wish before the robin flies away.”


I’m craving color…greens of every shade, pinks and lavender, sunny yellows.  The first signs of new growth are whispers that it is all on its way.