Monthly Archives: February 2017

What’s Your Purpose?


I think somewhere along the way people decided your job was your purpose in life. Something that takes up so much of your time must be your whole purpose in life, right? With each passing day, I know this not to be true.  It’s a lie we’ve all bought into; a lie that more often than not leaves people feeling empty and useless.

Our jobs are just jobs…a vocation we decided to approach to feed ourselves, to provide shelter, to help pay for the things we want in life. And then when your skill or trade or profession leaves you empty, you’re left feeling like you’ve done something wrong.  Maybe picked the wrong career, maybe stuck with a job that leaves you unfulfilled.

Here’s what I’ve realized…our jobs are simply vessels.  Vessels that get us closer to other people, that perhaps help others, or provide for them what they can’t do for themselves. They are simply places to go with things to do.  But it’s what you do with that vessel that is your real purpose in life.

While you’re working, do you smile at others?  Do you use kind words?  When you’re at the place you spend eight hours a day or more, do you open your heart?  And if you do, is it with love or just duty?

I truly believe the ‘lowliest’ job (and honestly there are no lowly jobs because they all keep this intricate world running) is just as vital as the highest paying job.  So what if you make more than me or my neighbor.  The question is…what are you using your vessel for?  Are you sharing your love with others or only spewing more hatred into the world?

I believe the greatest thing we can do for our young adult children is to encourage them to give themselves to others no matter what vocation they choose.  Be it a carpenter or businessman or dog trainer, all that really matters is whether you choose to share the love that God gave you.  Is your light shining or are you making this world a harder place to live in? We need to remind them that their purpose in life has nothing to do with a paycheck, but what you do with your soul each and every day.