Summer So Far


“What have you been doing so far this summer?” they ask gleefully. I know I’m supposed to answer just as happily – something like, “Oh you know, getting massages and pedis, sleeping til noon (not).” The truth is I’ve been doing stuff like this…

Dealing with a bathroom remodel (that is going to be awesome when it’s done)…

And a new puppy who was very sick at first and now needs potty training…

And this…having the downstairs shower tiled…

And this…an unhealthy unit that wants to freeze up at night…

Taking care of my flowers…

But mostly this…counting down the days until vacation! 

An unusual summer so far but honestly, is there any kind of bad summer break? Not for me! (And I bet not for anybody lucky enough to have summers off.) So how’s your summer going so far? Same as usual, busy, nutty or a little mixture of it all?  

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