The older I get, the more concerned I become about the world we’re living in.  The news is terrifying, people are afraid of neighbors, and somehow in my lifetime, we’ve become a society that is so politically correct that we have lost common sense.  Respect is slipping away…simple truths such as greeting others with kindness, treating adults with reverence.  This country is turning into something I don’t recognize.

Christmas is turning into something I don’t recognize.

Bear with me.  Let’s spell Christmas.  C..H..R..I..S..T..M..A..S.  Does anyone else see the beginning of the word as I see it?  I know I’m not alone.  It says Christ.  Not holiday.  Not Santa.  Not season.  When did Christ lose his standing on his own birthday?

This time of year bothers me…actually more and more each year.  There is a total disregard of what the season really is.  This is not just a holiday season…it’s Christmas.  This season is not about parties and gifts or stockings and Rudolph.  It’s not about anything except Jesus.  Period.  But somehow this time of the year has turned into just another holiday.  We’re not celebrating Santa’s birthday, we’re not celebrating anything but the fact that Jesus was born to save people like me…simple sinners who struggle each and every day.

Now let me clarify:  I am a Christmas nerd.  I love it.  Always have.  I love the time with my family and our decorated Christmas tree.  I love to eat holiday food (maybe a little too much).  I love my church filled with red poinsettias, a spiraling tree and the Nativity scene.  All of these things are wonderful traditions and very calming when I’m weary and agitated, BUT these things have always been celebrated because of Jesus’ birthday.

I am terrified of losing the meaning of this time of year.  I am terrified that self-proclaimed Christians won’t publicly stand up for Jesus (even if it is on national T.V.).  And I realize I’m not being politically correct by pronouncing my opinions for all to see, but in this matter I’m shouting from the rooftops:  Christmas is about Jesus!  Nothing else.  And it never will be.  I love my Jesus that much…the man who has stood by me through it all.  He’s my dearest friend…He sees every heart wrinkle, every personality flaw, every mistake, and He loves me anyway.

I can hear the non-believers in my head saying, “But shouldn’t every child have a ‘holiday’ even if they don’t believe?”  First of all, I’m a sucker for kids so of course I would say they should. It is not the fault of children if they’re living in an environment they can’t control.  However, as parents, we should step up and make sure they know the true meaning of Christmas.  Even non-believers should clarify what the day is about with their children because believe me, they hear it other places.  As a bare minimum, they deserve to know the definition of Christmas.  (Just this week, one of my students asked me how old Jesus is…in front of the whole class…on his own with no prompting from me.  Children talk, they express their views and ideas, they have vivid minds.)

Is there a time to stand up for your beliefs?  Is there a time to not be politically correct?  I believe the time is now.  This season is now.  My faith pulls me to declare that for me and my family, we will celebrate our Jesus.


From the bottom of my heart, I wish a Merry Christmas to each and every person I know, to everyone on this planet.  I pray that we all feel peace and hope and love…things we can only know by finding the true meaning of Christmas.





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  1. Awesome Tracy and I absolutely agree with you. It is about Jesus and we are celebrating his birth, so Merry Christmas to all!

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