For the Unpolitical Like Me


I know I can’t be alone.  Surely there are others in the world who cringe at every commercial, every ad, every post.  And even though the election is a long way off, the hullabaloo has already begun.  I already hate it and I can’t imagine how much worse it’s going to get before the actual election gets here.

Here’s the thing – I am not or ever will be completely affiliated with one political party (even though I am surrounded by people of both parties).  Nobody can sway that.  The only person who has some influence over my political decision making is my husband, but even he knows that I hate it all too much to ever fully commit to one party or another.  To me, they are ALL one big hot mess!  In my experience, political parties only seem to care about one thing…their own beliefs.  If something is different than what they believe in, then it’s out…goodbye and don’t even look my way.  What about that works?  What about that helps your fellow man or this country?  It seems like absolutely nothing.

I think about how much money politicians make and it makes me cringe.  I think about how they’ll fight for their own agenda but then ignore abused and starving children right here in America and I’m sick.  To me, and probably only to me, our system seems very broken, and since different political parties bounce through the White House every eight years, I think it’s hard to blame our problems on one group of people.  This brokenness has been occurring for too many years to count.

Has America become the world’s joke?  Are we now just one big reality television show?

I take comfort in believing that God is in control, and I do believe He has a plan.  Somehow he’ll turn our huge messes into good.  But guys, I just cannot believe that this same God cares who is Democrat or Republican.  I instead think He’s looking at us like I look at my children when they’re telling me something all hyped up and one-sided…He has one eyebrow up, eyes are squinted, mouth is pursed in a smirk, and He’s silently shaking his head.  And since He loves us, He just murmurs, “Good grief.”

My hubby told me the other day, “If so-n-so wins, we’re moving to Canada.”  I laughed hard but I think he might be serious.  If we’re up and gone come next winter, you’ll know why.

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