My Heart’s Home


It’s hard to describe the smell.  It’s pure – no noxious gases from vehicles, no smokes or fumes.  There’s a sweetness to it, one of flowers and growth, of earth and soil.  It’s tinged with a pinch of the fudge made on the main road of town and then always, always backed by a subtle whisper of horse.  But even the horses smell better here – their sweat, their poop.  It’s true. 

In the air, something old whispers through the trees.  Something from long before you and me; an ancient hold on this earth that hasn’t been wiped out by man and its machine.  You can almost feel life here… Not the hustle and bustle of work life, home life, but life that God created before we all became too busy to recognize it anymore.  It’s not in the streets of town but back in the woods where tiny animals live without fear, where plants burst from the forest floor on their own accord, where the trees beckon you to come inside for just a little while.

 My heart lives here, a part of it anyway.  Having all of my heart here with me the last few days has made me extremely happy but already sad that tomorrow is the end of this trip.  Still, we have today and I will soak up each magical sight, cool breeze, sweet taste and soothing smell as long as I can.

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