Please Cover the Booties!


With summer, I’ve had time to channel surf some.  And for better or worse, I’ve become much too interested in the show ‘Naked and Afraid’.  It’s on the Discovery Channel and based on the title alone, the premise of the show is pretty self-explanatory.  One man and one woman are left naked in a remote wilderness and they quickly become afraid. 

The show begins with each contestant saying their name, age and then reciting their survival skills.  Goodness – if it were me, I’d say, “Hi – my name is Traci.  I’m 45.  I can bake a mean pork chop, and I love indoor plumbing and air conditioning.”

(Honestly – I doubt I have any survival skills at all. Can’t build a fire, can’t fish with my bare hands, can’t make a shelter out of bamboo. But if you need to learn how to read, I’m your woman!)

I really think the contestants are about half nuts.  There is no way I’d go into the wilderness with a complete stranger for 21 days – With No Clothes On!   Modesty is part of my DNA, and covering up all important parts is not a want, it’s a must.  Cleavage is even off-limits. The show blurs all the important parts but still the booties are a major distraction.  They aren’t sightly.  They actually make you think about beginning an exercise regimen.

What draws me back to the show are the people – how they act, what the say and do when things quickly fall apart. When these participants are stripped of everything, the person they thought they were may or may not disappear.  So often, they believe they’re perfectly suited for the worst until it actually happens.  They believe they’re the ultimate survivalist until day ten comes with very little food, if any at all.  I can’t help but enjoy watching what happens to people when they’re put in dire straits.  I believe that’s when true colors emerge.  It’s easy to spout off what you believe you are…it’s not so simple to be that person, especially when things are not comfortable. (Doesn’t that sum us up in every day life as well? It’s easy to say but so much harder to do. It’s easy to say I’m nice, kind, patient, but do my actions really portray those words?)

I just hope and pray I’m never forced into a live or die situation in a South American jungle!  Without a few of the basic necessities of life, I’m afraid I’d be the most pathetic person on the planet. :)))

My idea of roughing it!

My idea of roughing it!

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