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The Movie


It brought in over 80 million dollars this past weekend. Throngs of movie goers, 60% women under the age of 30, filled the seats. Many went to see the movie.  You know, the one with the number 50 in the title.

Not me.  Not my daughter.

A little background:  My daughter is 21, she’s been in a relationship with the same guy for many years, and she’s head-strong (and beautiful, I might add).  This past weekend, she was with a group of movie-goers and when the others went to see it, she and her date chose to see something else. She told her daddy she didn’t see it “because momma didn’t want me to”.  Proud momma moment.  (I never told her not to see it.  I just told her my opinion.)

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I didn’t like the books. Read them because I wanted to see what the fuss was about, but wished I hadn’t because some images scar your brain for life!

Here’s the thing: I love romance novels!!  I adore love stories over and beyond anything else. My kindle is full of them, and when I write, I write about love and relationships.  To me, there’s nothing better than love healing a bruised soul or love mending a broken family.

To me…and I’m very, very aware I’m probably the only person on earth who feels this way…I couldn’t find the love in those books. Abuse, control, demeaning behavior, psychosis – found all that but not much love.

I’m 45, been married for 24.5 years, and I’ve been fortunate to experience real love. It has kindness and patience and most importantly, respect. My husband would never hit me (even if I asked him to) because he respects me. (And too, I think he knows that if he tried to do a smidgen of what that character did, I’d punch him right in the throat.)

I hear you saying ‘character’ – he’s just a fictional character. Yes, he’s just a character and I love a strong male character in the written word. Here’s my glitch. Will my children really get that these people are just characters?

So that’s what I told my girl. This movie is not real. It’s not what a real, healthy, stable marriage or a real life together is. A healthy relationship isn’t cruel and sadistic. It shouldn’t be, and this movie isn’t what young, impressionable minds should be comparing their relationships to.

Let me reiterate:  I Love Books.  Believe me, I’ll never ask anyone to put down a book, and I’m fully aware that not everybody likes the same type book. I just read this story from the perspective of a mother, a woman with a daughter, and a woman with an incredible husband.  And this woman couldn’t be more proud of her daughter right now.

Happy Valentine’s Day


So…nothing like some brutal honesty to make you feel loved.

“Mrs. Rackley, I like that color you’ve put on your hair.”  (No hair color…just the remains of a month old color.  What he saw were the natural grays fighting for control.)

“My momma says you’re getting old.”  I had this child’s mother the very first year I taught school.  “She also says you wear too much make-up.”    Really?  Like, really?

“Do you drink Diet Sun-Drop?”  “No, just water and coffee.  I love coffee.”  They all stare until one girl says, “Mrs. Rackley, you should really learn to try more things.”

These comments are exactly how I feel half the time.  Gray, old and apparently frigid.  Dang…


Valentine’s Day is upon us.  I’ve found that most either love it or hate it.  For me, it’s a manufactured holiday so it’s not my favorite.  I’d much rather hubby surprise me with a gift on a plain old Tuesday in March or take me out to dinner on any other day but the 14th of February.  I’m not sure if it counts if he’s forced to say it one day a year!

What about you?  Love it or hate it?  Either way…hope your day is fabulous. And I’m not saying this since it’s VD but I do love you for reading even when I haven’t been writing very much lately.  I’m not in a writing slump. It’s more like a ‘can’t fit anything else into my mind or my day’ dilemma.  And it sucks because writing fills me like nothing else really can.  The dream is still there…thanks for being part of it.