New Year, New Goals



A friend of mine posted, “I hope that I will be a better person in 2015 as compared to last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and…” This woman is a phenomenally funny, kind, patient, expressive and giving human being, but still she strives to improve herself each year. Her resolution isn’t just lip service…she means the words she says.

So many of us have resolutions during this time of year. Resolutions to exercise more, eat less, join a gym, run a marathon, go back to school. Every January it’s the same – what will my New Year’s resolution be? Will I even make one? Nah…it’s already the 8th. Maybe I’ll skip this year. There’s something very pressure-filled about strapping a resolution to what you hope is the beginning of a better, stronger, clearer year.

I recently read that instead of resolutions we should set goals (even though I think they’re very much the same). The goals should be steps to help you forward your life, to keep you focused on improving yourself instead of becoming stagnant. These goals keep you focused so you don’t settle into a couch potato, lazy rhythm. Goodness knows I need that! I am such a stay in my comfort zone kind of girl.

So instead of resolutions, I’m setting goals. And to be completely honest, they’re mostly the same as last year. Give, pray, write, publish, love, teach, do. I figure those goals are easily transferred from one year to the next. If only I’ll keep my thoughts on those things, maybe I’ll keep myself from completely sinking into my recliner.

What about you? Have you set any resolutions or goals?

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