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Friday Funnies…a day late


Laughter is the best medicine.  It can change my whole day, and for that I’m very grateful.  Here are some funny moments from Room 12.

Last week’s reading story was about animal groups – mammals, reptiles, etc.  I had some trouble with this story last year, confusion and unanswerable questions, so I thought I was better prepared this year.  Nah, I was dreaming.  The story classifies mammals as having fur, being born alive, and able to drink milk from their mothers.  The students love the story, love learning about the groups, but we’re 0 for 2 now.  You mention milk from their mothers and little brows crinkle, little eyes churn (brow crinkling can sometimes be bad, by the way).  At first, there were only a few innocent smirks but as the week progressed, one little fellow finally asked the question.  “Where…where do they drink milk from their momma?”

Me being the superb (ha, ha) teacher I am, answered, “From different places.”

This boy looks at his neighbor, even as most of the students accepted my answer as it was, and his neighbor (a sweet little girl) proceeded to point straight to her ninnies.  I heard him say oh and then the subject was dropped as quickly as I could usher them forward.  (Book people!  Think, please!  Do they really need to learn that specific thing in first grade?  Being born alive is hard enough!)

This week, we moved on to another story about space.  Great story, great pictures of the moon.  We’ve had wonderful discussions of what it would be like to be an astronaut on the moon and how much we’d like to ride around in a lunar rover.  The same little princess who informed the students at her table about ninnies and the production of milk asked, “What do people do with their phones in space?”  I replied, “They don’t take them with them.  They leave them at home.”  Her brow crinkled again and she asked, “Well then, how can people find them?”

Disclaimer:  I can be a smart-aleck from time to time.  Not often but sometimes.  You’ll be proud to know I didn’t laugh or say anything inappropriate.  I just smiled and said, “Well, hun, their family will know they’re going into space, which is a big deal, so they’ll be okay without their phone for a few days.”

I know I post these every year (sorry), but they make me smile.  Smiling, laughter = a much kinder, softer teacher.


We can only hope we’re this cute at 100.

We made ourselves as we’ll look at 100 in recognition of the 100th day of school.  When I introduced the project, I got the brow scowl again.  A blonde angel piped in, “If we live that long.  Doubt it.”

Drowning…Or Not


Work overwhelms me, body and soul.  Paperwork, deadlines, being stretched too thin.  All of it.  At home, brother needs his paper typed, sister is readying to head back to school, bff has ventured into a new business and needs my support and attention.  Supper must be cooked, clothes washed, a house cleaned.  Puppy has conjunctivitis and a virus.  I’m suffocating, drowning in the need to be everyone’s everything.  There’s this need to be perfect – the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect teacher, the perfect homemaker, the perfect friend, the perfect Christian.

I’m failing in most of those areas.

And then…

I remember a sign I saw at school.   Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

I’ll never be the perfect anything, not ever.  All I can do is try…and look…and appreciate.

Work overwhelms me…but the students make me smile.  Brother wrote the best paper he’s ever written about his hero – his dad.  It made me cry…it made his daddy cry, too.  Sister is rocking on through college, making me so proud each and every day.  The bff (husband) may have finally found the perfect business for him, a place to call his own and be himself.  Food keeps us nourished.  Clean clothes keep us warm.  The house keeps us sheltered.  Puppy hasn’t puked today and looks at me as if I am an angel.  I may feel like I’m drowning but still I manage to swim and pull myself to shore.  That’s where I stand up, shake off the weight of life, and forget being perfect.  Instead, I do my very best, and to all the people who love me, that is enough.

New Year, New Goals



A friend of mine posted, “I hope that I will be a better person in 2015 as compared to last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and…” This woman is a phenomenally funny, kind, patient, expressive and giving human being, but still she strives to improve herself each year. Her resolution isn’t just lip service…she means the words she says.

So many of us have resolutions during this time of year. Resolutions to exercise more, eat less, join a gym, run a marathon, go back to school. Every January it’s the same – what will my New Year’s resolution be? Will I even make one? Nah…it’s already the 8th. Maybe I’ll skip this year. There’s something very pressure-filled about strapping a resolution to what you hope is the beginning of a better, stronger, clearer year.

I recently read that instead of resolutions we should set goals (even though I think they’re very much the same). The goals should be steps to help you forward your life, to keep you focused on improving yourself instead of becoming stagnant. These goals keep you focused so you don’t settle into a couch potato, lazy rhythm. Goodness knows I need that! I am such a stay in my comfort zone kind of girl.

So instead of resolutions, I’m setting goals. And to be completely honest, they’re mostly the same as last year. Give, pray, write, publish, love, teach, do. I figure those goals are easily transferred from one year to the next. If only I’ll keep my thoughts on those things, maybe I’ll keep myself from completely sinking into my recliner.

What about you? Have you set any resolutions or goals?