Garden Variety


It has rained for weeks here in southern Tennessee.  Every day for weeks.  The sun manages to pop its head out from time to time, but still, June has been soggy.  The only good thing about the excess rain is how happy my flowers are.  They are brighter, happier, more robust than they’ve ever been.

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Just like flowers, we are all so very different.  Have you ever noticed?  We are different in every aspect…appearance, personalities, needs, wants.  I heard a wonderful lesson on differences yesterday.  The speaker described people as flowers, a mixture of colors, shapes, sizes.  He declared that we’re all given qualities that make us unique and special in our own way.

My thoughts immediately went to my children, and being a lover of flowers, I began to think of what flower they would be.  What symbolic miracle are they?  (Because aren’t flowers a miracle we get to witness every day?)

When my daughter was little, she loved the color purple.  My girl was always thin and started wearing a belt when she started wearing big girl pants.  She’s still thin today, tall and thin with long dark hair.  She was always quiet, always listening but just beyond that, was a touch of wildness.  When at age ten she swallowed a live minnow on a bet, I knew another side of her was emerging.  Independent and tough, sweet and pretty, she’s all things wrapped in one.  She’s my Delphinium.


My son came along a few years later, bursting into the world.  As a toddler, he was wild, absolutely buck wild, but now as he’s growing into a man, he’s become so much more.  He’s strong and brave, the kind of brave I will never be.  Happiest on a horse or deep in the woods, he’s all things nature.  He’s funny and sweet, outdoorsy and adventurous.  He’s my sunflower.


Just as every flower is different, it reminds me that each person is different.  We are not carbon copies, made to do everything the same.  We are each our own unique being, thorns and all.  And I’m so thankful for the color and variety in my life.  Wouldn’t life be so very boring without it?

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