I See Yellow!


A little yellow cup, a little yellow frill, a little yellow star, and that’s a daffodil.

 Surrounded by the brown, bleak world of winter, the very first smidgen of color finally graced our farm.  A bright, sunny yellow surrounded by a few shoots of green.  Tiny in comparison to the fields of gray, but size doesn’t matter.  A little yellow cup …a little yellow buttercup.  And I’m so thankful they’re here.


How did these get here? I wonder who planted them? I wish I knew!

I always teach the poem above to my students, but I have never called these bright flowers daffodils.  They have always been buttercups to me.  Maybe it’s a southern thing.  I’m blessed to live on an old farm that has a lot of these beauties.  The smaller, wild variety line my driveway, and the yard is full of a mixture of hand-planted bulbs.  There are White Lions and Butter and Eggs, Twin Sisters and Birthday Girls.  They are all gorgeous and such a joyful surprise each spring.  Don’t you love their nicknames?

After a long, cold winter, I sure am glad to see their shining faces!


A little warmth for your day:  A sweet girl came up to me with the United States map.  She said, “Mrs. Rackley…show me where Afree-gani-a-stan is on here.  My friend’s daddy is there.”  I told her we needed a globe for that one.  Only six-year olds can sound so cute saying Afghanistan.

And this was a paper turned in by a student today.  They had spelling sentences for homework last night.  Check out number 3.

This is homework from one of my sweetest students.  He/she may have had a little help with a few of these.

He/she may have had a little help with a few of these.

As winter squeezes us with its last fierce hugs, I hope you all find color and warmth in the world around you.  Hang on tightly, spring is on its way!

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