Tidbits and Tattles


Tidbits and tattles:

First of all, I have never been so happy to see February come to an end.  This month has kicked my butt.  Work has been a madhouse, there was the lovely holiday called Valentine’s Day, and sadly, my grandmother passed.  It has been so busy and just too hectic for my naturally calm soul.  I yearn for quiet and color and written words.  Every winter I think this will be the winter I write and write and write.  Somehow, it never happens.  It’s almost like I need the colors of the world for inspiration.  Or maybe I’m just too bogged down and tired to focus.  That definitely could be it.

Or maybe it’s all just an excuse.  Deep in my soul, I want to write (or read) all the time but something always gets in the way.  They are real things…like work and taking care of a house…but regardless, they become excuses.  This past Saturday I spent several hours ‘editing’ an old book of mine (I say editing but I have no real idea how to edit).  It was wonderful.  It was wonderful to put my excuses aside and spend a few hours doing something I love.

I did manage to read a wonderful book this past month.  The Husband’s Secret, written by Liane Moriarty, was a good read.  Cleverly mapped out, it had suspense, love and intrigue.  It also had secrets…lots of secrets.  The first few chapters were tedious as we’re introduced to lots and lots of characters but when the characters start to mesh, it plays out perfectly.  I especially loved the ending…all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘could haves’ were thought provoking.

To the tattles:  like I said, school has been nuts.  N-U-T-T-Y and I feel dang nutty these days.  In the midst of school programs and Parent-Teacher Conferences, I got a new student from Egypt.  He is precious but knows very little English.  And bless him – he somehow found himself in Tennessee with a teacher that has a southern drawl.  He may never learn English.  So far, he hasn’t spoken much.  There are only two phrases I’ve heard him say – please toilet and please drink.   Isn’t that sweet?  He knows what is important.

What is truly precious is watching the other students take care of him.  They figured out quickly that he didn’t speak English, and my little mother hens (the girls) have taken him under their wings.  They want to help him with everything – almost to the point where I’ve had to tell them to back away and let him breath.  The boys, on the other hand, just play with him…blocks, computers, puzzles…and he joins right in.  They communicate with sounds and smiles.

Here’s a funny…I was teaching a lesson on synonyms this week.  I asked the class, “What is the synonym for adore?”  I got many confused looks, several frowns, and finally one little boy spat, “Does it mean I want to date her?”  Close, so close!

I wonder what my new student thinks about being adored?  If there’s anything my class can do, it’s adore someone!  He may be adored to death.

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  1. It is sad we lose that ability to adore as we get older and grow into adults. This year I have enjoyed watching my students take care of and celebrate achievements with my student that has severe autism. They have a kindness and capacity for acceptance that is unlike many others.

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