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My son recently brought home a new puppy.  A tiny, furry, very cute Labrador puppy.  Yes, I said Labrador.  Lord help us.  The last Lab we owned was in the 1990’s.  It managed to chew the siding off our house, yank all the wiring from underneath my husband’s truck, and swallow whole walnuts – which ended up requiring emergency surgery.

To say the least, I’m hoping we have a better experience with this dog.

Sadie, the new puppy.  Isn't she cute?  Her name should've been Miss Pee's A lot.

Sadie, the new puppy. Isn’t she cute? Her name should’ve been Miss Pees A lot.

This makes our third dog.  One inside dog, two outside dogs.  But here’s the catch – it’s too cold to let the dogs sleep outside at night, and we have to “potty-train” the pup.  Nights at my house have become very interesting, to say the least.  Four-legged creatures, all different sizes, wrestling in a pile on my once new living room carpet.  Beanie, the sweetest but smelliest mutt you’ve ever seen, knows no personal boundaries.  She is in your face, stinky or not.  Layla, my pampered indoor princess, is appalled at the presence of other dogs in her house, and the puppy…oh the puppy.  Sadie runs, she pees, she runs, she sleeps, she pees.  All within thirty minutes.

My princess, Layla.  She's spoiled, and I couldn't help it.

My princess, Layla. She’s spoiled, and I couldn’t help it.

My new carpet is no longer new.

What I have discovered…since before two years ago I was not a dog person, or an animal person for that matter…is that these dogs all have personalities.  Like people.  And it’s fascinating to me.  They are all so distinct in their behaviors and mannerisms.

If only they weren’t so messy.  And if only my carpet wasn’t new.

Beanie, the outside dog who wants to be an inside dog so bed.

Beanie, the outside dog who wants to be an inside dog so bad.

Too Much to Bear


There has been a lot of talk lately about being given more than you can handle…or precisely not being given more than you can handle in a bad situation.  The old saying goes something like God won’t give you more than you can handle.  Those words have been pounding through my brain the past few days trying to find the truth.

Is it true that we will never be given more than we can handle?  Or did some (albeit kind but demented) person create the tag line?  I recently read that it never says those exact words in the Bible.

So…who came up with it?

Our small town has been slammed with death and heartache lately.  Just this past weekend, a five-year old girl was killed in a tragic car accident.  She leaves behind heartbroken, devastated parents.  Are we to believe that these people can handle this situation?  Are they stronger than the rest of us?

In my worst moments, the moments I just couldn’t see passed the next minute or the next hour, I remember thinking those words. I remember thinking, “Okay, God, I love you and all, but I’m not this strong.  I promise.  I just can’t do this.”  And in those moments, I begged for His help, His strength because I knew it was beyond my realm to survive it alone.

But I did survive.  Somehow, I continued moving and eating and breathing even though it was terribly ugly to watch.  So how did I do it?  How did I survive?

I survived because of God.  I survived because I could not do it alone and for that reason, I depended on Him more than I had ever before.  During the worst, maybe that’s the point.  Maybe we should rely on God.  He’s infinitely stronger and wiser and more capable than we’ll ever be, and I’m thankful He’s willing to tote me around when I’m at my worst.

And honestly, needing Him that much has made my relationship with Him stronger than ever before.

My heart aches for the family of this little girl.  She attended the school where I work, and her teacher was left with the gut-wrenching job of dealing with her classmates.  Another colleague told her class about the accident and simply told them that sometimes in life bad things happen.  The little ones nodded their heads, taking her words to heart.  They can and will accept that their friend is now in Heaven much easier than many adults will.

For those struggling with too much to bear, there are no words, not really.  Only know many are thinking of you and praying for you, and you are never alone.