Loving Clark



Oh, how do I love Clark? Let me count the ways. Clark Griswald has visited my home, signaling the arrival of the holiday season. Watching his Christmas movie, snuggled on my couch, arms waving in the air to the song Christmas Vacation…ah, the simple things in life that make it wonderful. But exactly why do I love Clark so? Let me count the ways.

1. He’s goofy, sweet and full of heart.
2. When he plugs in the lights and breaks into song – “Joy to the World!” – such eagerness, like the heart of a child.
3. Dark hair and cute dimple!
4. Would do just about anything for his family.
5. Even Cousin Eddie…
6. He’s funny…and I love funny in a man.

(Wait a minute! Funny, dark, devoted…this could be my own hubby! )

The craziness of the holiday season is upon us, but it’s the moments of laughter and cooking and wrapping and maybe even watching a Christmas movie that bring the warmth of the season to my door.  Those are the warm fuzzy moments.  The heart-squeezing moments whisper in the candles at church and in the twinkle of a star.

No matter where you find your holiday joy, I hope it fills you this Christmas!  Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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