Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s an early Thanksgiving Eve as I sit here with my dog in my lap and a hot cup of coffee.  I’m in a warm home, my beautiful daughter is coming home from college in the morning, my guys are off and running, staying busy with work and hunting, and I feel thankful.  Thankful for the small conveniences in life and the large ones…I would not have made a happy pioneer wife.  Thankful for family…even slightly dysfunctional we’re awesome when we’re together.  Thankful for those who love me when I deserve it and especially when I don’t.  Thankful for the sweet children I teach at work…once again, we’re slightly dysfunctional apart but when we come together, we’re pretty spectacular.  Thankful for new babies coming into the world and the cherished memories I have of everyone who has left our world but is waiting for us on the other side.  Thankful for friends…people who see you at your best and worst and still call you friend.  Thankful for God…where would I be without Him?

Tomorrow the house will be full of family…around 45 of them.  There will be food and laughter and not enough seats for everyone.  It will be loud and chaotic.  It will be everything that makes Thanksgiving my favorite holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hunter's art work - 1999

Hunter’s art work – 1999

Trey's Native American - 2002

Trey’s Native American – 2002

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