The Glory of Fall


Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”  – William Cullen Bryant

The southern hills of Tennessee are still mostly green.
The hills of southern Tennessee are still mostly green.

According to the calendar, autumn arrived in September.  According to the weather in Tennessee, we’ve barely just begun.  Up until last week, we’ve had a warm fall with very few dips in the temperature.  Last week, the bottom fell out, and we had our first freeze.  Since then, the leaves have finally started to turn.


As October nears its end, I’m longing for as much fall as I can get.  I’m ready for cooler temperatures, pots of soup, a light jacket and a pair of jeans.  Before winter comes knocking, I want to relish what’s left of this season.  What is it about the smell of leaves that have given up and fallen to the earth?  And the sound of crickets chirping…a sound completely unlike the chirp of summer creatures…what makes that sound so musical and unique?


And the colors, some vibrant, others mellow and warm…each beautiful in its own way.  There will be the first fire in the fireplace on a cold night, and the whisper of the north wind telling you to soak in the sun before she steals it away until spring.  Each moment will remind us that fall is so very short…it’s only a snapshot really.  Just a moment of celebration before the earth’s hibernation.  Just a glimpse of glory before a long restful sleep.


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