Even on the tough days, you have to look for the perks in life.  One of my perks is working with children on my birthday.  I know, I know…most people want to be off work on their birthday’s.  Not me.  Six and seven-year-olds make a birthday nothing but fun.

Perk 1:  a tiny girl comes up to my desk, wraps her arms around my shoulders, and begins to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me… all by herself in her sweet, squeaky voice.

Perk 2:  handwritten birthday cards all throughout the day.

Perk 3:  little ones asking how old I am.  For fun, I made them guess.  They yelled out various numbers – 20! 50! 32!  When I told them 44, a bright, gentle girl said, “You don’t look 44, Mrs. Rackley.”  I told the other teachers that this little girl is my new BFF!

Perk 4:  lots of goodies.

Crowns and Candy

Crowns and Candy

Beautiful mums

Beautiful mums

Another perk of first grade is the humor (because if we all don’t laugh, we’ll cry, right?)  Today, I introduced synonyms.  After writing words on the board, I asked the children to think of words that meant the same or almost the same as the one on the board.  We successfully made it through that part of the lesson, and then I asked, “Now, what did I say these words were called?  Say synonyms.”  One high-pitched voice yells out, “M & M’s!”  I said, “What, honey?”  And she says, “You said they were called M & M’s.”

What else can you do but laugh?

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