You Wanna Slide?



This is what real innocence looks like.  Pure, unaffected, precious.  Little boys don’t hold hands often, and in my experience, hardly ever after a very young age.  They may hold my hand but not each other’s.  I caught this moment today as we walked outside.  They weren’t thinking about me or my camera…they were excited and happy…they were planning what they were going to do once their feet landed in the boundaries of the playground.  You wanna slide?  I’m going to go slide.  Come on!

They were oblivious to the whispers of society.  They were…for a wonderfully small snatch of time…just being kids.  Can you remember being their age?  Do you have any memories of six?  Mine are few, and I know these boys won’t remember this tiny moment, but seeing their innocence made my heart squeeze just a little.  It made me long for simpler days…for days when we held hands just because we wanted to.  Just because we could.

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  1. I followed your post from my dear friend and honorary little sister Shana, I follow all of her post and enjoy her stories of her boys. Your post brought me back for a moment to a much simpler time and made me smile. I looked around and read some of your previous entries, you have an incredible talent for writing. I’m sure you hear that from so many but it was a joy to read your entries.
    Patty O.

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