What is it about family that makes life so very wonderful and so very hard all at the same time?  The bond between family members is so thick and strong, and it is irreversibly attached to your heart whether you choose for it to be or not.

Someone once said to me, “Everyone wants to be loved whether they act like it or not.”  And surely that applies to the family unit.  Everyone wants to belong in the family whether they admit it or not.

Here’s the thing –  family is hard.  So crazy, freakin’ hard.

I think it’s because you love so much, and when you love that much and you’re around people so often, it becomes overwhelming.  Let me just tell you, raising children is overwhelming, but raising teenagers, well…it’s just overwhelming on speed.

To love another person that much is to open yourself to the possibility of hurting just as much.  And kids…they hurt.  Not all the time, but sometimes they do.

Still, days pass, people grow, and I see changes.  I see our family continue forward.  I see my teenagers change, and all I can do is pray hard every day that they survive these tumultuous, terribly wacky years they’re living in.

My husband and I are partners…like a wrestling team.  We tag in and tag out.  We attack our family…some days he’s in control, other days I am.  Some days we’re able to high-five with a win, and other days…well, we go to bed bruised and beaten.

But no matter how wonderful or rough the day, in the end we’re a family.  We’re here to help one another, guide each other along this crazy road called life.  We’ve got each other’s back when the rest of the world chooses to hurt or ignore or shun.  It really is simply amazing.

Life might be quieter living alone…and neater…but where would I be without my family?


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