The Week at a Glance


‘Teacher-isms’ from the past week:

“Mrs. Rackley!  I just saw a tarantula on the playground!” – boy, age 6

“Mrs. Wack-a-weeeee, what are we gonna do next?” – boy, age 6

“I’m having so much fun I don’t ever want to go home.” – girl, age 5  (All the while, I’m thinking, “Have we been in the same classroom?”)

And this was the sweetest one of all.  I borrowed it from a wonderful cafeteria worker.  The woman’s sister died over the summer, and while the children were in the cafeteria line, another colleague approached Ms. Marsha and told her she was so sorry she’d lost her sister.  A little fellow in line chimed in after the colleague walked away, “I hope you find her, Ms. Marsha.”  She asked, “Who, babydoll?”  He said, “Your sister, and maybe a policeman found her and gave her some ice cream.”

Isn’t that precious?  So very young, and innocent, and so very kind.

We survived the first full week…somehow.  By Thursday, I felt like I’d been beaten with a bat.  I’m thankful to say we made it through the week with zero bathroom accidents and only four bouts of uncontrolled crying (none of them by me, woo-hoo).  Twenty little bodies are stuffed into my room but so far we’ve managed not to spread any communicable diseases or viruses.  Ah…but the year is young.

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