Grapefruit and Glue



I received this grapefruit from a little boy at school today.  For real, I did.  And I couldn’t help but giggle as I hugged him.  Instead of an apple for the teacher, I got a grapefruit.  His mother blushed as she told me that he was determined to bring it to me.

Is it a sign?  What does receiving a tangy grapefruit mean?  Hmm…I’m hoping for unique but not too robust!


I also received this beautiful basket/tower of goodies.  A mother made it for me and for as much as you can see, there’s at least that much more in it.  It was unbelievable.

Two very different gifts.  Two very different people.  Both are special in their own unique way – a grapefruit from the heart of a little boy, school supplies galore from an active, helpful parent.  Let’s say a collective prayer that both are good, happy signs for a good and happy school year.

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