The Dread of Work

I'll miss you, my friend!

I’ll miss you, my friend!

July came in with a thud, and I’ve found myself in a holding pattern.  Sputtering around, dreading the passing of each day – I’ve begun to hate July.  I know it is a waste of my time, and for most of the day, I can focus on something else.  Still, it sneaks in…sometimes at night, sometimes first thing in the morning.  This dread…this sinking in the pit of my stomach…this weight on my shoulders…

This horrible plague called ‘going back to work’!!

Isn’t it pathetic?  I’m so very grateful for the time I’ve had off.  I promise!!

The thing is, I’ve been able to write a lot this summer, and I’m going to miss it.  When school starts back in two weeks, my time for writing will be cut in half…no, into fourths.  Other writers will understand this feeling…a feeling of utter joy after you lose yourself in words.  That moment when you look up from the computer and hours have passed.  Living in the book you’re writing…talking to the characters, seeing them grow in your mind’s eye.

Oh, how I’ll miss it so.

But, no matter the weight of my job, I won’t give up my writing completely.  I refuse!  Somehow, someway I’ll keep participating in my heart’s joy.

What do you do when the necessities of life try to smother your passion?

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