Twitter, tweet, twerking…


Twitter, tweets, twerking…wait I don’t think the last one has anything to do with the first two.  Right?  Today I joined Twitter, and all I can say is…whew…I’m so very confused!  Does that show my age, my lack of social media expertise, or just my reluctance to branch into something new?  I’m afraid it’s all three!

I’ve joined Twitter…by name only.  Now what?  They made me pick a few people to follow.  Check.  Did that.  Now what?  No…really…now what??

I can only use so many characters in a tweet…got that.  BUT…what about the links I saw, and all of the Greek, unknown language I truly didn’t recognize?

This is me rubbing my face, thinking I’ll have to have my 19-year-old help me do this.  UGGG!

So…really…is there anyone who can help?  I want to connect with other writers, other people who are learning how to publish books.  Got any suggestions?  Or know of any good Twitter sites to follow?  (Wait…do they have ‘sites’ or is that just on the internet?  I’m so confused.)

Fiddle-de-de, no that’s not right.  It’s twitter-de-de…I’m done for now – after all, tomorrow is another day.

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