Changing of the Seasons


The older I get, the more I dislike winter.  I’m a lover of seasons…truly.  Each is so unique and breathtaking in its own special way.  Living in the south, we are blessed with four very distinct seasons.  Some years, summer strangles us with thick humidity, some springs are wet and muddy, most falls are crisp and dry, but winter was never-ending this year.  It hung on and hung on and hung on….

Even though I adore a roaring fire and a warm blanket on cold nights, I know winter can zap me.  Snow rarely occurs in our nook of the world so I stay inside watching the cold, gray scenery.  I read profusely.  I write when I can.  Still, it’s blah…it’s winter.  The winter blues come to visit and tend to stay way too long.

But…the world has blossomed again.  Thick, robust green covers the ground and fills out the trees.  Spring has saved me!


Spring reminds me that everything is new again.  What has withered away, returns.  What seems so out of reach during the drab of winter, is once again at my fingertips.


I found the ivy cross below growing on the side of an out-building.  With absolutely no training from me, it’s growing in this shape.  The first time I saw it, it took my breath away.


Which season do you savor?  Which season causes you to smile at the mention of its name?

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