God’s Fingerprints



God’s fingerprints are all around.  Have you ever stopped to notice?

A dark, cloud covered ocean is an entirely different being than a blue, sun sparked body of water.  Gray weighs down the water only to be brushed by the whitecaps of waves.  It’s a chilling experience, almost somber, but still it carries its own beauty.  Raw and natural and heavy…it’s exquisite.


Aqua and teal appear once the sun comes out, sending its light into the depths of the water.  The experience is the opposite of gray…the opposite of somber.  A sunny ocean beckons, it calls you in to play.  It’s cheery, it sparkles, it whispers your name.

cruise 7

But no matter the time, the place, the color…it all is a glimpse of God’s fingerprints.  Such beauty could only come from an exquisite artist…his touch is everywhere you look.

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