Four years ago today, Rachel came home.  It was the day before her second birthday.  Up until then, she had been living in an orphanage in China waiting on her momma and daddy to come get her.


My sister, Jennifer, and her husband, James, adopted their second child from China.  I was unable to go with them but it didn’t mean my heart (and anxiety) weren’t there with them.  They knew Rachel had been diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy but beyond that, knew little else.  Their hearts led them to this little girl and they journeyed back across the Pacific Ocean prepared for the unknown.  When they were given Rachel, she was a sick little girl…high temperature, nagging cough, needle holes in her tiny heels.

Nothing heals like a mother's love.

Sick Baby Rachel – China, March 2009

When Rachel arrived in the United States, she preferred women…would rarely go near a man…was so tiny and so thin…but there was something there, something in those gorgeous dark eyes, and it wouldn’t be long before her spark lit.  She began walking, talking, growing, was potty-trained easily, and is now an agile, active, brilliant little girl.  Any signs of CP have long since vanished.

October 2009 - 7 months after coming home.

October 2009 – 7 months after coming home.  Her spirit was already in full bloom.

September 2012 011

Rachel – 5 years old

Love is an amazing thing…

Sometimes you find it and other times it finds you.  Rachel was perfectly placed into our lives…a little girl half-way around the world would become ours.  Her spirit and love fill us.  Her big heart warms us.

Love truly is an amazing thing.

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