What’s Your Reality?


A dancer in a feathery, flowing gown? A love-struck, lonely bachelorette? An underwear clad, starving survivor? Or a globe-trotting racer? Which one are you?

Which reality show do you secretly desire to be on?

I will unabashedly admit that Survivor is one of my favorite T.V. shows. I’ve watched it from the beginning and can’t help but continue to turn in each week. The hunger, the lack of the basic necessities of life, the push on their moral compasses…exciting stuff I tell you.

My husband and son dream of one day participating on Survivor, and they would probably win. They’re made of much tougher stuff than I am…much tougher, trust me. As much as I adore the show, I can’t help but wonder where those poor people go to the bathroom, and what do they do if they get a terrible case of heartburn? For real…do they suffer alone in the wilderness? So not for me.

If I had to choose, if someone twisted my arm until I was forced to pick a reality show to appear on, it would have to be Dancing With the Stars.  Or Duck Dynasty.  Either way, I’d be covered in feathers!


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