We hear through the filter that has shaped our lives.  Maybe what we hear is not what was really said.

What do you really hear when people speak to you?  Do you hear their intent, what they really meant to say, or do you hear something entirely different?

My family went through a tragic event two years ago, and it wasn’t until I heard the words above did I put two and two together.  It wasn’t until someone voiced what actually occurs in my life every day, did I realize that I live with filters on my hearing.  Everything I hear passes through the filter of that event even though we’re two years, three months out.  Everything I hear somehow, some way relates back to that moment even though most of what I hear has absolutely nothing to do with it.

I just read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn , and I met two characters not really hearing and absolutely not really knowing.  So much of the book is a farce, a lie between a man and a woman.  Constant lies, constant filtering of words.  The female character chooses that lie in the end… until her husband slips…until the truth slips free (and we’re left wondering what her retaliation will be for that one moment of honesty).  She heard the truth.  No filter of pretense, no filter of lies.  Intriguing book to say the least!

What do you hear through?  What influence or snippet of time sits in your brain, filtering your thoughts? And now that you realize the filter exists, will you continue to hear through it?  Or do we even have a choice?

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