Southern Belle


“My nana says when memaw was little, all of their pictures were black and white.  That’s horrible!  I can’t believe it.” Sighing, she added, “Bless her heart.”

One of my first graders said that this week (honest…I wrote it down as soon as she said it).  She’s a southern belle in the making, already using bless your heart…and appropriately!  She’s a doll for sure.  She’s the same little girl that calls a chihuahua a ‘chicka-wa-wa’.

We’ve been learning about long ago and present.  Long ago to first graders is this past Halloween.  Trying to get them to understand that long ago there were no cell-phones or ipads or Play Stations is almost unfathomable to them.  Their eyes get big, their mouths fall open, and I receive many dumbfounded stares.

Long ago…I remember it well.  No cell phones, no cable T.V., no internet, no computers (at least not in my house), no tablets (except the handwriting kind), no 385 channels, no i-anythings.  Realizing how ‘attached’ I’ve gotten to so many of those things, I sometimes miss a calmer, simpler life.  I try to remember what my family did at night when we only had three options for T.V. stations…best I recall, we actually watched the T.V. together…or we played outside…and I do remember listening to a lot of music in my room.

All that being said, I will be the first to admit how spoiled I am these days.  I’m extremely attached to my iphone and the ipad.  Love them both.  Could probably live without Facebook but for some reason I keep checking my page every day anyway.  And where would I be without my computer??

The world is changing, becoming more savvy, more computerized.  The same little girl from above is already computer literate, as most children are.  They are amazing to watch.  Let’s just hope that computers don’t completely take over their lives at some point.  I hope they grow up realizing that the world is full of so many places, so many faces, and so much more just beyond the living room door.  I hope they play outside and listen to music and always realize there are a million color pictures to make.

P.S. - Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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