A True Rocker


“A true rocker is going to do whatever the hell she wants to, whether she’s a school teacher, a CEO of a large corporation, or someone’s mommy.  Because that’s what rock and roll is really about:  following your passion with no apologies.  Following that sound in your head that only you can hear.”  Pat Benatar

Follow the sound in your head that only you can hear.  I love reading words that make chills run across my skin.  And those words did.  How often do we ignore the sounds, or the words, and simply conform to what society or our friends or family want us to be?  When do we finally become strong enough to follow our own sound regardless of what others think?  When do we become rockers?

I just finished Pat Benatar’s memoir, Between a Heart and a Rock Place.  I honestly don’t read many autobiographies but this one was very good.  The quote above came from the last chapter and, to me, was the highlight of the book.  She followed the sounds in her head, finding her way in a world where men were the rockers instead of women.

Trying to embrace my inner rocker, I listened to a little voice in my head this past week and gave my very first book to a non-friend, non-family member to read and critique.  The woman is an avid reader, and I do mean avid, and for some reason she kept coming to mind.  On a whim, I asked her to read it and truthfully let me know what I needed to do to make it better. Granted, she’s not an editor but she is someone out of my inner circle and it’s a step.  I’m determined to make steps this year!  (I really want to make jumps but one day at a time is what I keep chanting in my best Pat Benatar voice.)

Follow the sounds in your head that only you can hear.  Incredible advice, inspiring words, and with a little classic rock playing in the background, I plan to do just that.

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  1. I like this, Traci. Whether it be the sounds in my head, or nagging feelings, or even gut instincts, I’ve found that following the inner noise is usually the right course. You are wise to give your book to someone to read. This is part of “one day at at time.”

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