Gotta Love Clark


Which holiday character are you? Come on, be honest!  If you’re like me, you’re a mixture of many.  Some days jolly, the next day grumpy and disgruntled.  The Grinch definitely visited my psyche today when I thought of all that was left to do in fifteen days.


But no matter how stressed, I hope I’m never Scrooge.


Instead, I’m working like an elf…busy, busy, busy.


And it’s Clark…loveable, goofy, quirky, wants things to be perfect Clark, that keeps me smiling.  In the midst of family angst, tree squirrels, rowdy cousins, a stressful job, decorations and shopping, Clark pressed on.  Gotta love some Clark Griswold.  He brings laughter during a hectic month, silly to the mundane, and a wonderful outlet when things around you get too heavy.  Be somebody’s Clark over the next two weeks…find some spirit, make someone smile, break out the moose eggnog glasses and spread some cheer!


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