Rollercoasters and Therapy


“Writing is a form of therapy...” Graham Greene

Life is getting busier.  It happens to me every year around this time…that rollercoaster that begins its climb in August.  Tick, tick, more things to do.  Tick, tick, tick, more responsibilities to take care of.  The rollercoaster arrives at the top of the hill and begins to plummet to the earth right around Halloween.  Between now and Christmas, it’ll be dropping 70 miles per hour while doing some full circle loop-de-loops along the way. 

When I’m busier, parts of me get ignored…like my writing.  And when I don’t write, I’m simply less myself.  It’s a conundrum.  Take care of me or take care of everything else?  This year, even in the midst of the chaos, I’m vowing to write even when I feel like there’s no time to do it.  I’m vowing to work on my book and hash out the rest of Maggie’s story.  That’s my vow, dang it, and I’m sticking to it.

The great thing about the rollercoaster months is knowing what comes after.  With the arrival of January, high speeds give way to a slow, steady pace, like floating on an inner tube down a lazy river.  Even if it gets a little boring, there’s nothing like bobbing along, especially after a nausea induced ride on a rollercoaster. 

Writing will be my therapy, it will be my escape, my secret place to vanish to when the next few months begin to spin.  Whether it be here, in a journal, on a napkin, or working on one of my books, I’ll use the outlet God gave me to hold on when the rollercoaster goes too fast.

What is your outlet, your therapy?  What do you do to hold on when the last thing you can do is let go?

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