Keeping On


 “If you write a hundred short stories and they’re all bad, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed.  You fail only if you stop writing.”

A friend gave me that quote many years ago.  I had been working really hard on a book, and was filled with self-doubt.  Was it any good?  Did the characters seem real enough?  Would anyone else understand or love the story as much as I did?  She must have sensed my insecurities because she sent me a ‘you can do it, keep on keeping on’ email along with the quote.  I wrote the quote on a little neon green post-it note and stuck it to my desk.  All these years later, it’s still there, faded with time, but still so very poignant. 

So even though a tiny voice sometimes whispers you can’t, I will.  And even though my dreams seem unreachable at times, I’ll dream.  And because I’m filled with faith in what lies ahead, I’ll keep on writing.

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